David Krakauer: The Past, Present and Future of Intelligence on Planet Earth

2013-10-23 by

Dr. David Krakauer is the director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and co-director of the Center for Complex Systems and Collective Computation at University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has a Ph.D. in evolutionary theory from Oxford University.

Dr. Krakauer’s research focuses on the evolutionary history of information processing in biology and culture, including genetic, neural, linguistic and cultural mechanisms. The research spans multiple levels of organization, seeking analogous patterns and principles in genetics, cell biology, microbiology and in organismal behavior and society.

What is intelligence, where does it come from, and why does it appear to be so rare in the known universe? In this talk I shall provide an overview of our historical attempts to explain, define, and improve our intelligence. I shall explore the extraordinary and diverse forms of intelligence across life on earth, and consider the future of intelligence – the extended mind – in an age of increasing dependence upon machines. If the extended mind is the universe’s way of understanding itself, what will this cosmological self-awareness produce?

Krakauer’s visit to UAA was made possible by the campus Complex Systems Group. This podcast was recorded Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 in UAA Fine Arts 150.

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