Craig Mishler on 'The Blind Man and the Loon: The Story of a Tale'

2013-07-08 by News, Sports, and Art

In “The Blind Man and the Loon: The Story of a Tale,” folklorist Craig Mishler traces the story’s emergence across Greenland and North America in manuscripts, books, visual arts, film, music and dance theater.

By examining and comparing the story’s variants and permutations across cultures in detail, Mishler brings the individual storyteller into his analysis of how the tale changed over time, considering how storytellers and the oral tradition function within various societies.

Two maps show the routes the story has traveled. The result is a masterful compilation and analysis of Native oral traditions that sheds light on how folktales are spread and adapted by widely diverse cultures.

Craig Mishler is an affiliate research professor with the Alaska Native Language Center at UAF, the editor of “Neerihiinjìk: We Traveled from Place to Place (The Gwich’in Stories of Johnny and Sarah Frank)” and the author of “The Crooked Stovepipe: Athapaskan Fiddle Music and Square Dancing in Northeast Alaska and Northwest Canada.”

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