ISER hosts U.S.-African relations expert Todd Moss and discussion on creation of Alaska's Permanent Dividend Fund

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The event was titled “How the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Could Work In Iraq And Other Countries: A Conversation with Todd Moss,” editor of “The Governor’s Solution.”

Moss is introduced by ISER economist Scott Goldsmith.
Todd Moss remarks begin at about 20:38
The group discussion, including commentary from such long-time Alaskans and political leaders as Vic Fischer, Jane Anvik, Fran Ulmer and Jack Roderick, begins at about 39:00

Reliance on natural resource revenues, particularly oil, is often associated with bad governance, corruption and poverty. Worried about the effect of oil on Alaska, Governor Jay Hammond had a simple yet revolutionary idea: Let citizens have a direct stake.

“The Governor’s Solution” features his firsthand account that describes, with brutal honesty and piercing humor, the birth of the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend, which has been paid to each resident every year since 1982. Thirty years later, Hammond’s vision is still influencing oil policies throughout the world.

This reader, part of the Center for Global Development’s Oil-to-Cash initiative, includes recent scholarly work examining Alaska’s experience and how other oil-rich societies, particularly Iraq, might apply some of the lessons.

It serves as a powerful reminder that the combination of new ideas and determined individuals can make a tremendous difference, even in issues as seemingly complex and intractable as fighting the oil curse.

This event was podcast on June 3, 2013.

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