Curious about UAA Seawolf Debate? Meet Wiley Cason, representing UAA at the UAA-Harvard Debate April 25

2013-04-24 by

Junior Wiley Cason is one-half of the UAA Debate team meeting Harvard Debate to argue repeal of the Second Amendment on April 25 at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub.

Like his debate partner, Amy Parrent, Cason began debating in high school and joined UAA’s team as a freshman. Today he coaches debate at East High and formerly at Chugiak High.

In this short interview, he describes how a debater prepares by understanding that many arguments come down to the same philosophical issues, such as protecting our liberty and freedom versus our assuring our security.

He says he debates because it’s flattering to have an audience of listeners, and it teaches him to think in a more disciplined way,

This interview was recorded April 15, two days before the U.S. Senate stopped the bipartisan gun legislation that Cason speaks optimistically about in this interview. Cason’s brother, Drew, was on the team that debated Stanford last year over whether hate crimes warrant special punishment. Kathleen McCoy of UAA Advancement interviews.

Download MP3 (25:31min, 12MB)

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