Urban in Alaska conference, March 29, Panel #1: Architecture, Public Space and Urban Design

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Urban in Alaska was a conference and workshop for scholars and community members to discuss Anchorage as an urban space. It was held at UAA on March 29, 2013 in the Student Union Den.

This first of three panels covered architecture, public space and urban design. The panelists were
>> (7:11) Sheila Selkregg, associate professor of public administration, “Community Vision and Genius Loci” (The Spirit of a Place)
>> (16:14) Klaus Mayer, architect and Alaska Design Forum board director, “Lost Anchorage: Architecture in the Wild”
>> (27:08) Sharon Chamard, associate professor of justice, “Conflict over Public Space: Responses to Chronic Public Inebriates in Anchorage”
>> (37:41) Bruce Farnsworth, writer and community organizer, founder and director of the MTS Gallery in Anchorage; member of the art group Light Brigade Kor 4, “A State in Time”

The panel introductions and opening remarks are by conference organizer Bree Kessler, an assistant professor in public health.

This event was sponsored by The UAA Department of Health Sciences and the UAA Center for Community Engagement and Learning.

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