Experimental filmmaker Michael Walsh on 'Expanded Cinema'

2013-03-13 by

In this guest lecture for the Expanded Cinema exhibit at the Kimura Gallery, Alaska experimental filmmaker Michael Walsh offers some history and development of the movement beginning with Anthony McCall’s ‘Line Describing a Cone’ in 1973. Next he introduces each of four films: Tony Balko’s ‘Three Men and a Baby Ghost’; Martha Colburn’s ‘Triumph of the Wild’; Brent Coughenour’s ‘work in progress’ and lastly, his own ‘Braking Breath.’ The audio podcast breaks briefly at each film, and resumes with Walsh’s commentary.

Links below this entry will take you either to the films introduced, or to other representative work by that filmmaker.

This guest lecture by Homer’s Michael Walsh was a part of the two-part Extended Cinema exhibit at the Kimura gallery from Feb. 18 through March 20. The exhibit was curated by Walsh and made possible by UAA Professor Sean Licka.

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This lecture was podcast on Feb. 25, 2013.

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