Revisioning Alaska Native Languages at UAA: A Public Forum on SB 130

2012-09-22 by

This podcast captures a panel and public discussion on preserving Native languages in light of the passage of SB 130. The purpose of the community forum was to consider the intersection of state university and community efforts to preserve Alaska Native languages, to build on the momentum of SB 130 and place particular emphasis on UAA’s role in Alaska Native languages preservation.

SB 130 established The Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council in the Office of the Governor to strategize ways to preserve and perpetuate Alaska Native Languages. At the time of the forum, appointees had not yet been made.

The panel includes Maria Williams of UAA’s Native Studies Program, Lt Gov. Mead Treadwell, Loren Peterson who crafted the language of SB 130 in Sen. Donny Olson’s office, Tlingit teacher Shirley Kendall, Dena’ina teacher Marilyn Balluta, Ethan Petticrew, vice president of Cultural and Educational Services at the Alaska Native Heritage Center and active in Unangax dance and language of the Aleutians Islands and Dr. Lawrence Kaplan, Director of the Alaska Native Language Center at UAF. Dr. Emily Moore of UAA moderated the panel.

Panelists introduced themselves and made opening remarks at these approximate times:

3:45 Maria Williams
9:45 Mead Treadwell
11:54 Ethan Petticrew
15:36 Loren Peterson
20:34 Shirley Kendall
28.10 Marilyn Balluta
34:03 Dr. Larry Kaplan

This podcast was recorded Sept. 13, 2012

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