Lyn Freeman offers talk on adapting mind and mood states for optimal health outcomes

2011-11-29 by

Lyn Freeman earned her degree in psychology with an emphasis in mind-body therapies, such as meditation, relaxation and imagery, as medical intervention for chronic disease.

She is the author of the first comprehensive college textbook on the outcomes of complementary therapies called “Mosby’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a Research-Based Approach,” (Mosby, 2004[3rd Ed.])

In this talk, titled: “Adapting Mind and Mood State for Optimal Health Outcomes: Aging, Cancer and Addictive Behaviors” Freeman discusses the field of psychoneuroimmunology and how the mind and body become conditioned to behave in certain ways. This event was sponsored with Human Services Course (HUMS) 416.

The podcast was recorded on Oct. 6, 2011.

Download MP3 (95:53min, 88MB)

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