JPC Professor Joy Chavez Mapaye delivers the 2011 Relevant Research lecture on the future of television

2011-10-25 by

Dr. Joy Chavez Mapaye, assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Public Communications, is this fall’s speaker for the College of Arts and Sciences Relevant Research Speaker series.

Since its inception, television has shaped our lives: from our health and relationships to our culture. In her presentation, Mapaye will trace how television has evolved and struggled to find its place in the new digital media landscape. The presentation will also go over the latest research findings on television consumption, television’s relationship with promotion
and how mediated personalities influence our media habits and perceptions of the world.

Mapaye was recognized with the Broadcast Education Association’s Harwood Outstanding Dissertation award in 2011 as the author of the top broadcasting and electronic media dissertation in the nation. She has received several awards in journalism and in research. She was recently nominated for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The podcast was recorded Oct. 21, 2011.

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