CWLA presents graduating MFA student reading

2011-07-25 by News, Sports, and Art

The Fourth Annual Northern Renaissance Arts and Sciences Reading Series presented by the UAA Department of Creative Writing and Literary Arts presents the inaugural low-residency MFA graduating students reading.

00:00 Introduction by David Stevenson, CWLA Director
02:26 Toni Todd, introduced by Jo-Ann Mapson
16:56 Eric Larson, introduced by Judith Barrington
28:42 Heather Lende, introduced by Valerie Miner
36:33 Sarah Loewen, introduced by Eva Saulitis
44:47 John McKay, introduced by Linda McCarriston and Zack Rogow
56:31 Vivian Faith Prescott, introduced by Anne Caston
1:09:19 Pamela Kearney, introduced by Jo-Ann Mapson and Carolyn Turgeon
1:25:56 Megan Weidel, introduced by Eva Saulitis
1:38:35 Joan Wilson, introduced by Judith Barrington
1:50:54 Director David Stevenson

This podcast was recorded on July 13, 2011

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