2011 Meritorious Service Awards reception

2011-05-19 by News, Sports, and Art

UAA honored Carla Beam, Michael Carey, Mary Epperson and Richard Neubauer with Meritorious Service Awards at a reception on April 30, 2011.

A Meritorious Service Award is bestowed to an individual who has demonstrated significant public, academic, volunteer or philanthropic service to UAA or to an Alaska community.

00:30 – Chancellor Fran Ulmer introduces incoming Chancellor Tom Case
03:35 – incoming Chancellor Tom Case
06:20 – Janie Leask introduces award recipient Carla Beam
11:30 – Carla Beam
14:20 – Peter Porco introduces Michael Carey
23:05 – Michael Carey
27:05 – Mel Kalwowski introduces Richard Neubauer
31:50 – Richard Neubauer
35:50 – Tom Case recognizes Mary Epperson
37:15 – Tom Case introduces UA Regent Kirk Wickersham
37:35 – Kirk W makes proclamation
38:50 – Tom Case opens the program to friends and family to comment and support the award recipients
46:15 – Tom Case closes the program

This podcast was recorded on April 30, 2011.

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