Kelsea Habecker reads from "Hollow Out" at the Campus Bookstore

2010-10-30 by News, Sports, and Art

Kelsea Habecker will read and take questions today at the UAA Campus Bookstore. She is the author of Hallow Out. Of her book, Charles Simic, poet laureate of the United States, has written: “Hallow Out is one of the most moving and original books of poems I have read in years.”

This podcast was recorded on Oct. 26, 2010

One of Habecker’s poems:

When weasels are out
after the first snowfall of the year
the elders tell me to walk with my mouth
shut tightly against the rivering wind
or the weasel, an opportunist,
will launch into the current’s lift
toward my dark throat
and tunnel my belly,
hallowing through the meat of me
along the canal to my navel and out
again into the cold blue world of ice
slowly moving toward us.

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