Race-based University admissions, Part 1: Seawolf Debate Team takes both sides

2010-09-21 by

Nearly 100 people gathered to debate and discuss race-based preference for University admissions. The Seawolf Speech and Debate Team opened the event with a debate in the British Parliamentary format that presented both sides of the issue.

Colin Haughey and Michaela Hernandez voiced the proposition that race-based preference for admissions should end.  They argued that a focus on socioeconomic status would guarantee an equal chance for a college education.

The opposition team, comprised of Drew Cason and Brett Frazer, argued that the university needs a race-based preference to advocate for diversity. Listeners enter the debate a few moments after it began, with Colin Haughey speaking.

This podcast was recorded Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010 in Library 307.

Download MP3 (27:06min, 25MB)

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