Warriors for a New Era: Support for emerging Native leaders, Part 1

2010-06-09 by

On April 16 at UAA, the last of five forums in the series “Warriors for a New Era: Challenging Alaska Native Young People to Repower their World” was held in Room 307 of the UAA/APU Consortium Library. The session was several hours long, and has been broken into multiple parts for podcasting.

Of the forums, organizer Larry Merculieff has said, “Younger generations need to know that they are important, and that they can get support from older generations to courageously meet the challenges facing them in the modern world.”

In Part 1, Native elder Howard Luke addresses the fifth forum, sharing his world view and advice on leadership.

Forums one through four in this series, held from January through April of 2010, can all be pulled up on this podcast page under the tag Warriors-for-a-New-Era. Find the tag located at the bottom of this entry.

For more information about all the forums, contact Larry Merculieff at (907) 336-0678, or lmerculieff@aim.com.

Download MP3 (23:18min, 21MB)

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