Cabin Fever Debates 2010: Round 5

2010-02-24 by

Round 5 will address the motion “The U.S. should impose a sin tax on unhealthful foods.” Defending the motion in the role of 1st Proposition will be the team “Magnanimity” of Allison Murrell (senior, philosophy) and Tracey Alexander (junior, political science). Closing the debate for the proposition will be team “Franny & Zooey” of Kelly Messick (sophomore, business management) and Quoc Duong (freshman, English). Opening the opposition debate will be “Team Doofkin” of Brittany Bennett (sophomore, chemistry) and Leland Miller (junior, chemistry). The 2nd Opposition team will be “Dasvidanya” of Jake Courreges (freshman, international studies) and Joseph Posey (junior, economics).

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 16, 2010.

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