Philosopher David Chalmers: Where does your mind end and the external world begin?

2009-05-01 by News, Sports, and Art

Noted philosopher Dr. David Chalmers is among those who argue for a new understanding of the mind, extending its boundaries to include parts of the external world.

Chalmers’s talk addresses new insights into his earlier groundbreaking work with Dr. Andy Clark entitled The Extended Mind. The earlier paper challenged basic assumptions about where the boundaries of the mind end and the external world begins. Should a person’s digital phone book or the directions she writes down to arrive at a particular location count as part of her mind? Chalmers and Clark originally argued that, in particular cases, “external” objects are coupled with the mind in such a way that they should be considered extensions of the mind itself. This thesis has inspired much debate, and in his talk, Chalmers assess his work on the extended mind in light of new considerations and evidence.

This podcast was recorded on April 17, 2009.

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