Preview of How Could Anyone Lead UAA?

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If you missed the musical satire How Could Anyone Lead UAA? presented last spring, check out the video preview below. The satire features performances by UAA faculty and staff about the fun and humor of life at UAA.

The satire was written by faculty and staff with musical accompaniment by the Fabulous Van Clifton. It features Dawn Berg, Doug Causey, Minty Cochran, Steve Colt, Jan Gehler, Mari Hahn, Jim Liszka, Tom Miller, Kerri Morris, Jane Park, Libby Roderick, Bryan Talbott-Clark, Barb Tullis, Wendy Withrow and others.

A DVD of the performance is available for donation through CAFE. Proceeds go to the UAA Sustainability Fund.

Download QuickTime (2:32min, 13MB)

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