Chartwell Lecture: Paul Rahe on 'Thucydides on Athens and Sparta: Domestic Regimes and the Conduct of Foreign Policy

2014-05-22 by News, Sports, and Art

Rahe discusses the differences between the Athens and Sparta regimes during the Peloponnesian War period.

About this speaker:
Paul A. Rahe is a national fellow at the Hoover Institution and holds The Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in Western Heritage at Hillsdale College. He majored in history, the arts and letters at Yale University; read Literae Humaniores at Oxford University’s Wadham College on a Rhodes Scholarship; and completed his Ph.D. in ancient Greek history at Yale, under the direction of Donald Kagan. He is the author of Republics Ancient and Modern: Classical Republicanism and the American Revolution (1992); Against Throne and Altar: Machiavelli and Political Theory under the English Republic (2008); Montesquieu and the Logic of Liberty (2009); and Soft Despotism, Democracy’s Drift (2009). He recently finished a draft of his latest book on ancient Lacedaemon, tentatively titled The Spartan Regime: Its Character, Its Origins. He also recently completed a work on the foreign policy of early Sparta, tentatively titled The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta: The Persian Challenge, and is working on its sequel.

This Chartwell Lecture was sponsored by the UAA Political Department Association and podcast on April 17, 2014. :

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