UAA Department of Political Science hosts Charles C. Johnson, author of new book on Calvin Coolidge

2013-06-13 by News, Sports, and Art

The UAA Department of Political Science sponsored this talk by author Charles C. Johnson, who wrote “Why Coolidge Matters: Leadership Lessons from America’s Most Underrated President,” published in March 2013. Johnson is introduced by political science professor Guy F. Burnett. This podcast was recorded on June 6, 2013.

Here is a description of Johnson’s book:

Imagine a country in which strikes by public-sector unions occupied the public square; where foreign policy wandered aimlessly as America disentangled itself from wars abroad and a potential civil war on its southern border; where racial and ethnic groups jostled for political influence; where a war on illicit substances led to violence in its cities; where technology was dramatically changing how mankind communicated and moved about—and where the educated harbored increasing contempt for the philosophic underpinnings of our republic.

That country, the America of the 1920s, looked a lot like America today. One would think, then, that the President who successfully navigated these challenges, Calvin Coolidge, might be esteemed today.

Instead, Coolidge’s record is little known, the result of efforts by both the left and right to distort his legacy. “Why Coolidge Matters” revisits the record of our most underrated president, examining Coolidge’s views on governance, public sector unions, education, race, immigration, and foreign policy. Most importantly, “Why Coolidge Matters” explains what lessons Coolidge—the last president to pay down the national debt—can offer the limited government movement in the post-industrial age.

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Does academia need a new home? Faculty panel on issues around online learning

2013-06-13 by News, Sports, and Art

UAA Faculty Martin Cenek (Complex Systems), Aisha Barnes (English), Scott Jonsson (Philosophy) and Chad Morse (Social Work) come together to share their views about the needs of campus education given the advent of web courses, online universities and iTunesU.

Panelists were invited to address three questions:

What can students learn in campus classrooms that is different from online classes?

How has online learning changed your discipline and/or what you teach?

What do you imagine is the future of the campus community?

This event was moderated by Rachel Epstein and held at the UAA Campus Bookstore. It was podcast on June 6, 2013.

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Tracks and Treks: Summer Author Series No. 1

2013-06-13 by News, Sports, and Art

In this first installment of the Summer Authors Series, Sean Ulman author of a new novel about Seward and spirits, Cinthia Ritchie, author of “Dolls Behaving Badly,” Lizzie Newell, author of the “The Stud and the Sperm Thief” and James Misko, author of “The Cut of Pride,” will read from their books and discuss them, along with their deep connections to Alaska and writing.

The respective writers appear at approximately these times in the podcast:

Sean Ulman, :30
Lizzie Newell, 7:06
James Misko, 16:36
Cinthia Ritchie speaking 40:44
Cinthia Ritchie’s work, read by Lyn Lovegreen, 49:19

This event was sponsored by the UAA Campus Bookstore and recorded on June 11, 2013.

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