Cup'ik Dreams: Chevak Teacher Education Initiative Panel presents at the Alaska Native Studies Conference, April 6, 2013

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A partnership between the UAA College of Education (COE) and the Kashunamiut School District and Chevak community supports 12 paraprofessionals who are working toward their bachelor’s degrees in elementary education.

This partnership, known as the Chevak Teacher Education Initiative, embraces the concepts of inclusivity and culturally relevant teaching. Course work reflects both Western and Cup’ik cultures and philosophies.

December 2013, it is expected that about half of the group will have earned their associates degrees. This initiative is providing important insights about the power of collaboration as an indigenous community, school and university come together to create a space that supports cultural and language revitalization.

This panel presented on what it means to be part of this initiative, including perspectives from students and faculty, as well as a school superintendent and a school board member.

Panelists included: Laura Atcharian, Elsie Ayuluk, Cora Charles, Twila Chayalkun, Susie Friday-­Tall, Catherine Joe, Jacquelyn Kashatok, Priscilla Matchian, Mary Matchian, Neva Mathias, Pauline Miles, Liana Pingayak, Darlene Ulroan and Lisa Unin. Chairman of Kashunamuit School District John Atchak, Superintendent Larry Parker. University Faculty and Staff: Dr. Claudia Dybdahl, Dr. Irasema Ortega, Dr. Cathy Coulter and Ms. Nancy Boxler.

This podcast was recorded on April 6, 2013.

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