James Sweeney reads from 'Alaska Expedition Marine Life Solidarity'

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About James, taken from his website:

A cold north wind blows down from the arctic but otherwise it is sunny and beautiful out and James P. Sweeney would rather do anything than write a bio, but if you need to read something about him here you go.

Over the last seven years Jim has had stories published in the ‘Anchorage Press,’ ‘The Anchorage Daily News’, ‘Alpinist Magazine,’ ‘Alaska Dispatch’ and ‘Cirque Literary Journal’ to name a few.

He’s read his stories on KSKA, KZFR, and KEUL Public Radio stations. Jim also starred in ‘Alaska Avalanche,’ the finale of Discovery Channel’s hit series, ‘I Shouldn’t be Alive.’

Jim was 48 when he wrote ‘The List.’ The year was 2004 and the ‘Anchorage Press’ published the story the following week. Jim was crippled from an old mountain climbing fall and his handicap almost forced him to become a serious hard working writer. His fall, injury and ensuing epic of survival are Alaska legend and the motivating force behind his drive as a writer. James P. Sweeney has many stories to tell.

This event was sponsored by the UAA Campus Bookstore and podcast on Feb. 25, 2013.

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