Fran Ulmer presents her children's book 'Walking with Katy'

2013-03-20 by News, Sports, and Art

“Walking with Katy” contains six stories about a boy, Johnny, who walks his little dog, Katy, every day after school. It is intended for dog lovers and small children who are learning how to enjoy their pets, responsibly. Fran began telling these stories to her grandson, and decided to write them and share them with others.

This event was sponsored by the UAA Campus Bookstore and podcast on March 1, 2013.

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James Sweeney reads from 'Alaska Expedition Marine Life Solidarity'

2013-03-19 by

About James, taken from his website:

A cold north wind blows down from the arctic but otherwise it is sunny and beautiful out and James P. Sweeney would rather do anything than write a bio, but if you need to read something about him here you go.

Over the last seven years Jim has had stories published in the ‘Anchorage Press,’ ‘The Anchorage Daily News’, ‘Alpinist Magazine,’ ‘Alaska Dispatch’ and ‘Cirque Literary Journal’ to name a few.

He’s read his stories on KSKA, KZFR, and KEUL Public Radio stations. Jim also starred in ‘Alaska Avalanche,’ the finale of Discovery Channel’s hit series, ‘I Shouldn’t be Alive.’

Jim was 48 when he wrote ‘The List.’ The year was 2004 and the ‘Anchorage Press’ published the story the following week. Jim was crippled from an old mountain climbing fall and his handicap almost forced him to become a serious hard working writer. His fall, injury and ensuing epic of survival are Alaska legend and the motivating force behind his drive as a writer. James P. Sweeney has many stories to tell.

This event was sponsored by the UAA Campus Bookstore and podcast on Feb. 25, 2013.

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Amazing Stories sampler: Senior Reba West, graduating May 2013 with her degree in English

2013-03-18 by

The Amazing Stories booth was at the University Center in February, and we gathered the stories of a number of students who came by the booth to chat.

Reba West is friendly and curious, and came right up to tell her story. As both a full time student and a student worker, she’s learned a few tricks about how to balance academics and a job, and how to approach each day with a positive attitude.

This is one in a series of interviews with amazing students at UAA.
Watch for more.

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'Amazing Stories' campaign

Second Annual Innovate Awards Presentation podcast, recorded December 14, 2012

2013-03-18 by

Congratulations to the second round of winners in the UAA INNOVATE Awards. The 2013 winners were announced at a special event December 14, 2012, and recipients are hard at work on their projects now.

The purpose of the INNOVATE Awards is to inspire faculty research, entrepreneurship and creative activity that will lead to publication in a peer review journal or a creative event, external research funding or intellectual property. The INNOVATE Awards were created in 2011 by Dr. Helena Wisniewski, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies, to stimulate new research and intellectual property.

Four winners from 2012 were invited to speak. Their remarks can be heard at the following points in the podcast:

>> Dr. Khrystyne Duddleston, Biological Sciences, arctic ground squirrels host-gut-microbiome interactions (8:29)
>> Dr. John Lund, Electrical Engineering, ultra-long lifespan wireless sensors (13:37)
>> Dr. Colin McGill, Chemistry, Alaska bog blueberries (21:00)
>> Dr. Don Rearden, College Preparatory & Developmental Studies, a whaling novel (27:40)

This event was recorded on Dec. 14, 2012.

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UAA Office of Research
Website, listing 2013 and 2012 winners

Cabin Fever Debates, Final Round

2013-03-14 by

Recorded March 7th, 2013. Final Debate of this year’s Cabin Fever intramural debate tournament. Motion for debate: “This house would abolish tax exempt status for churches.”

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