UAA Seawolf Debate Program argues both sides of 'The State of Alaska should restrict the size of sugary drinks to curb obesity'

2012-11-08 by

Note to listeners: This recording is flawed by extra sound artifacts due to setting issues with the recording device. However, the debate is easy to hear and understand. Set your volume control low to begin as the recording is somewhat loud

The UAA Seawolf Debate Program offered an exhibition debate on this proposition. The two teams of two each were introduced here by debate coach Steve Johnson.

Supporting the proposition on the side of the government were Andrew Kerosky and Jon Stinson.

Opposing the proposition were Matt Ostrander and Matt Stinson.

The faculty members who responded after the debate were Liz Snyder, public health; Virgene Hanna, ISER; Stephanie Bauer, philosophy; Paul Johnson, economics.

Members of the audience commented and posed questions after the faculty spoke.

This podcast was recorded Nov. 8, 2012.

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