Part Four of Recovering and Preventing Cancer Lecture Series: Epigenetics

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The topic of the final event in the series is “Epigenetics for Cancer Recovery and Chronic Disease.” This series of lectures provides cutting edge research, information and tips on how to improve your odds of recovery from cancer, of remaining in remission or simply preventing cancer in the first place.

Lyn Freeman has a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in mind-body imagery. She owns the for-profit research firm Mind Matters Research. She delivered series of lectures to help listeners understand the most current ways to take control of personal health outcomes. She is an Alaska researcher and behavioral medicine provider who just completed six years of National Cancer Institute-funded research on overcoming the side effects of cancer treatments. The intervention she created and tested produced clinically and statistically significant improvements and is now a model of care for cancer survivors.

The full schedule for the spring semester 2012 four-part s Cancer Prevention and Recovery Lecture Series at the UAA Campus Bookstore:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 7: Circadian and Ultradian Rhythms and Cancer Control: Special challenges for Alaskans and what to do about it
* Wednesday, March 7: Healing Spices for Cancer and Chronic Disease, Part 1: The history of spice research and 10 cancer fighting spices * Tuesday, March 27: Healing Spices for Cancer and Chronic Disease, Part 2: The history of spice research and 15 cancer fighting spices * Tuesday, April 17: Session Four: Epigenetics for Cancer Recovery and Chronic Disease

This is the final recording of the four sessions. The podcast was recorded April 17, 2012. All four talks are tagged with Lyn-Freeman, campus-bookstore, and cancer.

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