'When is Philanthropy Immoral?' with UA Foundation President Carla Beam

2012-03-22 by News, Sports, and Art

The UAA/APU Books of the Year program invites you to join the conversation as University of Alaska Foundation President Carla Beam and community leaders discuss philanthropy:

Is it okay to take money when your motives and views are not aligned with the givers?

Does philanthropy really help or can it actually perpetuate conditions?

Does philanthropy separate people from the problems they seek to solve?

Does philanthropy give an inordinate amount of power to the giver?

This podcast was recorded on March 22, 2012.

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Canadian socologist Carl James, 'Being Canadian: Race, Identity and Citizenship'

2012-03-13 by

Dr. Carl James is Professor and Director of the York Centre on Education and Community, at York University /Toronto, Canada. He is author of “Life at the Intersection: Community, Class and Schooling”; “Experiencing Difference” and “Seeing Ourselves: Exploring Race, Ethnicity and Culture.”

This podcast was recorded March 8, 2012.

Download MP3 (99:44min, 91MB)

For More Information:

Dr. Carl James
Bio page, York University
Dr. Carl James
Research details
'Life at the Intersection'
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Cornell's Dr. Christopher Clark on 'Whales and Acoustics in the Marine Environment'

2012-03-13 by

Dr. Christopher Clark is director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. He is an expert on the science of sound and the effects of noise on whales. In this talk, he explains how science has been able to quantify the loss of acoustic habitat for marine mammals. He is introduced here by Nikos Pastos of the Big Village Network, sponsors of the event.

Dr. Clark moved from the microphone during parts of his talk, so some sections are difficult to hear. There also are some loud sound effects when he demonstrates the way sound moves in the marine environment.

This podcast was recorded March 6, 2012.

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For More Information:

Dr. Christopher Clark
Bio page, Cornell University
Alaska Big Village Network
Blog website for program sponsors
UAA Campus Bookstore

7th Annual Cabin Fever Debates, Championship Round 2012

2012-03-12 by

In the Championship Round for the 7th annual Cabin Fever Debates, four teams of two argued this motion: Following the model of Portugal, the U.S. should decriminalize the use of recreational drugs. CFD winners are announced at the end of the debate, at about 61 minutes into the recording.

Competitors were:
Opening Proposition: (The A Team) Adrian Schnyder and Aurora Dordan
Opening Opposition: (Team Alaska: World Police) Tim Treuer and Erik Woebler
Closing Proposition: (Ghost Riding the Whip) Hannah Coe and Andrew McConnell
Closing Opposition: (Meh) Quoc Dong and Jaron Saturnino

Team Alaska: World Police, were adjudicated the winners of the debate. The team included Tim Treuer and Erik Woebler. Best Speaker was awarded to Jaron Saturnino of team Meh.

Download MP3 (69:08min, 63MB)

For More Information:

Cabin Fever Debates
Update page, 2012 competition, with winners from all rounds
Green & Gold
News story on the championship round
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Pacific Rim Conference 2012: Keynote Dr. Cheryl Ball - March 10, 2012

2012-03-10 by

The UAA department of English presents the 17th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric. Keynote speaker Dr. Cheryl Ball of Illinois State University presents, “Assessment Practices for Digital Media.”

This podcast was recorded on March 10, 2012.

Download MP3 (71:00min, 65MB)

For More Information:

UAA Department of English

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