Dr. Pablo Blesa speaks on social media and the Arab Spring

2011-10-24 by

Guest speaker Dr. Pablo Blesa discusses issues facing the European Union and the Arab world today. Blesa is vice rector at the Catholic University in Murcia Spain. This free Global Opportunities Week event was sponsored with Office of International Affairs at UAA.

He examines the role of education, communication and social media in the Middle East beginning with the Tunisian Revolution in December 2010. He asks how access to education and Internet (or lack thereof) has impacted Arab economies and government.

This podcast was recorded Sept. 22, 2011.

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Network Scaling: The Growth and Behavior of Organisms and Societies, with Dr. Melanie Moses

2011-10-24 by

Scaling properties of networks that deliver energy and information within industrial societies can affect the behavior of people living in those societies. Scaling theory offers the perspective that human life spans, reproductive choices, and economic structures may be constrained by the way that energy flows through networks in modern societies.

Melanie Moses is an assistant professor in the Department of computer science at the University of New Mexico with a joint appointment to the Department of Biology. She concentrates on scaling properties of biological social and information networks, and the general rules governing the acquisition and efficiency of energy and information exchanges in complex adaptive systems.

This talk was co-sponsored by Undergraduate Research, College of Arts and Sciences and the UAA Honors College. This podcast was recorded Oct. 13, 2011.

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Melanie Mitchell and Complexity, a guided tour

2011-10-21 by

Melanie Mitchell is professor of Computer Science at Portland State University and external professor and member of the Science Board at the Santa Fe Institute. She is the author or editor of five books and over 70 scholarly papers in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive science and complex systems.

Her most recent book, “Complexity: A Guided Tour” is the winner of the 2010 Phi Beta Kappa Science Book Award, and was named by Amazon.com as one of the 10 best science books of 2009.

This podcast was recorded Oct. 20, 2011.

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Dr. Alex Hills and the 'Dawn of Wi-Fi'

2011-10-21 by

Wi-Fi pioneer Dr. Alex Hills takes us back to when the Internet was first gaining popularity, email took 10 minutes to load up and cell phones were big and unwieldy. But he had a vision: People carrying small hand-held devices that were always connected. His unwavering purpose was to change the way we use the Internet.

Dr. Hills tells a story of how innovation happens, weaving together personal adventures with lucid descriptions of physical phenomena, to show just how far we’ve come in the world of wireless connectivity.

This talk was sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement and Learning, recorded on Oct. 12, 2011

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Artist lecture with Andrew Yasgar, AKA Sket One

2011-10-17 by News, Sports, and Art

Sket One (Andrew Yasgar) grew up in New Haven, Conn. where he put down his artistic roots as a graffiti artist starting in 1986 while hip-hop swept the country. Between painting walls and keeping an eye out for the police, Sket’s understanding and appreciation of urban art and culture grew.

From those first experimentations painting and creating with spray cans, Sket soon found himself honing his skills and leveraging them into commercial design opportunities. In this podcast, Sket takes us on a biographical journey through all of his past jobs and projects, and tells how those experiences led him to where he is today.

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