Climate Ethics Public Symposium Part 2: Chrisoula Andreou

2011-09-29 by

The Climate Ethics Works-in-Progress Conference hosted a free, public symposium Sept. 8, 2011, asking four senior philosophers to engage the question, “How should we think about climate change?”

Second up that evening was Chrisoula Andreou, Philosophy professor from the University of Utah. Andreou studies human procrastination, and in this talk, applied it to environmental effects.

Our seemingly trivial individual actions, like driving a car or not recycling, hardly seem significant enough to have devastating effects. So, we manage to put off changing this behavior, even if we wish to minimize our human impacts on the environment. We manage to do this because each individual act is so trivial.

In this talk, she suggests ways that we can limit that procrastination: implementation intentions and deadlines.

This talk was recorded on Sept. 8, 2011.

Download MP3 (17:03min, 16MB)

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