ISER director Heather Hudson previews June 13 telecommunications event

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Getting telephone service into every community with 25 permanent residents was a major goal in Alaska back in the 1970s. Today, the hunger is for Internet and broadband. What lessons from the telephone era will help shape the future of telecommunications in Alaska?

Heather Hudson, ISER’s director, offers a preview of the day’s free and public event in this podcast, recorded June 2, 2011:

0:50 – Why did ISER choose telecommunications as the topic?
2:44 – How well did Alaska do in its early telecommunication years?
3:27 – Telecommunications subsidies now under review by FCC
4:46 – What obstacles did industry overcome? What do they face?
6:30 – The drive for statewide cellular service
7:00 – Who will be in the audience Monday?
7:26 – Historical video “Satellite Housecall” with Willie Hensley, Mike Gravel
9:37 – Distance ed, telemedicine and public broadcasting
11:33 – Closing session, What’s next?
12:10 – Challenge of getting broadband into the Bush
13:42 – Bush job opportunities if Alaska gets “wired”
15:24 – Federal stimulus funds for training, job development
15:25 – FCC re-evaluates subsidies; how will Alaska be affected?
17:02 – Impact of continuous technological change
17:35 – Linking Indigenous populations across the North
18:32 – ISER’s role in telecommunications research, stimulus funds
18:39 – Closing notes on other videos, static displays

Download MP3 (21:08min, 19MB)

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