How open-source collaboration methods may point to ways of solving global problems that need global innovation

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UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy hosted a talk by Charles M. Schweik of UMass-Amherst, describing a new book he’s co-authoring, called “Understanding Collaboration in the Internet Era: A Study of Open Source Software Commons,” to be published by MIT Press in Spring 2012.

His fundamental question was about how we teach each other and learn from each other, and whether the way that open-source software development collaborators work out problems might transport over to solving big, global issues.

His finding: successful software projects launch with one or two developers, maybe add one more developer along the way (so big teams are not important). Significantly, however, often one partner in the project is from another continent.

Schweik supposes that Internet tools like IM and Skype, etc., allow like-minded individuals to find each other (where ever they are on the globe) and collaborate effectively. He believes this has strong implications for solving global problems. Find useful links to the project below the podcast.

This talk was recorded June 27, 2011.

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For More Information:

Success and Abandonment in Open Source Commons
A paper describing his work
Charles Schweik
Bio page at University of Massachusetts-Amherst
UAA's Jim Murphy
Colleague who hosted Schweik; links to Murphy's work
CBPP's Economics Department
Department details
Economics Dept Facebook page
Follow the Arctic Resilience research project here

UAA linguistic anthropologist Prof. Roy Mitchell describes Fall 2011 survey class on Inuit-Unangan languages

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For the first time ever, a survey class of Eskimo-Aleut languages of Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Greenland will be offered, with details on dialects, comparative phonology and grammar, reconstructing proto-Eskimo, literacy traditions and prospects for language survival.

In this short podcast, Roy Mitchell explains how the class came to be offered “planet-wide” through his Facebook outreach. It will include speakers and experts from across the polar regions. Check the Facebook link for class details, including a book and readings list.

This interview was recorded June 20, 2011.

Download MP3 (16:45min, 15MB)

For More Information:

Roy Mitchell Facebook page
Link to preliminary syllabus for Anth A490 course
Roy Mitchell Facebook page
Link to ongoing discussion about Anth A490 course
Anth A490 CRN 76704
Link to UAOnline course listing
Eyak Language Circle
Facebook event page for Eyak Language Circle; updates by Roy Mitchell
UAA Anthropology Dept.
Faculty link, look for Roy Mitchell under adjunct faculty

Meet Staff Sgt. Nichole Tovar, new president for Student Veterans of UAA

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Just 27 years old, she’s trained as a combat medic/nurse and is mom to two young girls. She and her husband are both back in school—he’s continuing the nursing education he began in the military and she’s switched to a whole new field, culinary arts.

This spring, Tovar took on leadership of the Student Veterans of UAA, a relatively new campus club. In this 12-minute interview, she describes the challenging transition from combat to college life for veterans, and outlines her ambitions for veteran-supportive activities, services and events at UAA. Top on her list is a special event honoring fallen soldiers for Veterans Day 2011 – stay tuned for more details this fall.

Related links are listed below the podcast link. This interview was recorded May 24, 2011.

Download MP3 (12:30min, 12MB)

For More Information:

Student Veterans of UAA
Facebook page
Student Veterans of UAA
Club page on UAA website
Combat to College
PDF brochure on making a successful transition
Retreat for Women Veterans
Information on a July 29-Aug 3 event in Seldovia, Alaska
Veterans Listening Session May 31, 2011
Nichole Tovar attended and met U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Eric Shinseki

Language Changes - both written and oral-- in Alaska

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Language Changes – both written and oral—in Alaska includes as panelists UAA faculty members D. Roy Mitchell IV (Anthropology); David Bowie (Linguistics), Paul Ongtooguk (College of Education) with special guests Diane Benson (Poet and former candidate for Alaska Lieutenant Governor) and Joan Kane (Poet and recipient of the prestigious national Whiting Writer’s Award). How people express themselves in multilingual environments, how formal English effects that expression, how academic institutions manipulate ways of thinking and expression are some of the themes addressed.

This podcast was recorded on June 7, 2011.

Download MP3 (106:41min, 98MB)

For More Information:

Evolution of telecommunications in Alaska, final panel

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As a part of its 50th anniversary as a research institute in Alaska, ISER organized a day-long gathering of government, industry and citizens to consider the history of telecommunications in the state, and to ask the important questions about where does Alaska go next.

In this podcast, ISER director Heather Hudson introduces the last panel of the day, inviting many stakeholders to come to the table for discussion. Their closing thoughts are here, focusing on developing a viable plan for mapping and delivering broadband to the state, and the ways to accomplish that goal.

Additional recordings of the days panels may become available at the ISER website listed below.

6:15 Rich Greenfield, explaining
7:25 Prof. William Melody, the pressure to get a plan
11:23 Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, the pressure to get a plan
13:45 Valerie Oliver, Alaska E-Rate coordinator, what local plans look like
16:12 Robbie Graham, Commissioner’s Office, Dept. of Commerce and Economic Development invitation to June 28, 11 a.m. state task force meeting at Dena’ina Center
19:08 Steve Lindbeck of APTI, Legislature is listening and interested
20:45 Heather Hudson, Need to hear from consumers and small business
23:18 U of North Dakota professor Dave Whalen, on Argentina broadband success
25:30 Comment from Sen. Mark Begich representative
27:10 Theda Pittman on Alaska redistricting

This podcast was recorded on June 13, 2011.

Download MP3 (31:39min, 29MB)

For More Information:

Website for additional recordings from June 13 event
June 13 agenda
PDF listing panels and speakers
Connect Alaska
Connect Alaska is a subsidiary of Connected Nation and operates as a nonprofit in the state of Alaska.
UA donated site for broadband updates
Coming repository for data to follow telecommunications in Alaska

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