Professor Lil Alessa presents surprising findings on climate change in Alaska, proposes a future water economy for the state

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The UAA Department of Biology featured Dr. Lil Alessa speaking about some surprising climate change findings on Feb. 3, 2011. Her talk is in two parts. The first half deals with what data tells us about climate change in Alaska. The second half proposes a future water economy for Alaska. She reports that water is so valuable that Canada is building a water pipeline to the Four Corners area of the U.S., and China and France are buying up Alaska’s water rights now. Dr. Alessa is with the RAM Group, The Resilience and Adaptive Management Group, described as “a highly interdisciplinary and multi-cultural effort at the University of Alaska Anchorage.” Their focus is “developing social adaptation strategies in the face of rapid global change.”

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 4, 2011 at UAA.

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For More Information:

RAM homepage
Gateway into research, publications, personnel and upcoming workshops
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Information on Living on Earth II upcoming social-ecological conference
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Dr. Alessa's Feb. 5, 2009 AWAC, 'Water and the Arctic: The End Game'

Randol Bruns and Mike Burwell present 'Chulitna: A Conversation in Poems'

2011-02-08 by News, Sports, and Art

Burwell, who edits the literary journal “Cirque,” collaborated with Bruns on this book of poetry and art. Both received their MFA at UAA and have taught courses in poetry, Randol at Mat-Su College and Mike at the Chugiak/Eagle River campus.

This podcast was recorded on Jan. 27, 2011.

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Dr. Eugenie Scott on 'Teaching Evolution'

2011-02-08 by News, Sports, and Art

From creationism to creation science to intelligent design to the present day “evidence against evolution” approach, anti-evolutionists have consistently changed their strategy for attacking the theory of evolution in response to legal decisions.

Dr. Eugenie Scott holds her doctorate in Physical Anthropology from the University of Missouri. She is executive director of the National Center for Science Education, a non-profit working to keep evolution in public school science education.

This podcast was recorded on Jan. 27, 2011.

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Mary Alice Cook discusses 'An Intentional Community'

2011-02-08 by News, Sports, and Art

Mary Alice Cook discusses “An Intentional Community,” life in an Orthodox Christian church in Eagle River and her book “Community of Grace: An Orthodox Christian Year in Alaska.”

After their marriage in 1976, Mary Alice and her husband drove from Texas to Anchorage where their three sons were born and raised. In 1992, after a life-changing event, the whole family converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church and a year later decided to make their home near St. John’s Cathedral in Eagle River, which is the unique “intentional community” that Mary Alice has written about in “Community of Grace.”

Mary Alice earned a degree from UAA in 1992. After raising her family, she returned to graduate school studying Public History with an emphasis on museum and archival work. “Community of Grace” is her first published book.

This podcast was recorded on Jan. 31, 2011.

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Fl!P author Peter Sheahan discusses innovative thinking in business with UAA students

2011-02-08 by News, Sports, and Art

Sheahan is founder and CEO of ChangeLabs™, partnering with leading brands to create innovative change programs to transform communities, build brand equity and create sustainable advantage.

Sheahan’s fifth book, “FL!P,” an international best-seller available in 25 countries, emphasizes the need for leaders to have mindset flexibility.

Sheahan delivered the Alaska Economic Development Corporation’s (AEDC) 2011 Economic Forecast luncheon talk. A video of the talk is available at the AEDC website, listed below. His luncheon and campus presentations were made possible by GCI.

This podcast of his discussion with students was recorded on Jan. 26, 2011.

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For More Information:

AEDC website
Peter Sheahan presents "Fl!p: Counter-intuitive strategies for creating new value" to sold out crowd during the AEDC 2011 Economic Forecast luncheon at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage, Alaska.
Peter Sheahan's Change Labs website
Bio, books and more background

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