Seminar series: Defining risk in offshore drilling, session one

2010-09-22 by

Academics, industry engineers and government officials came together for the first of 10 seminars organized through the North by 2020 Forum, a university-initiated collaboration among interested parties to define risk in Arctic coastal and offshore resource development.

Sharman Haley, a professor of public policy at ISER, offers a short introduction to the ambitions for this seminar series, followed by her co-organizer, Hijo Eiken, a professor of geophysics, in Fairbanks.

Eiken, streaming from UAF, introduces this week’s guest, Walt Spring of Bear Ice Technology/Shell. Spring takes participants through an overview of draft offshore drilling standards, called ISO 19906, which will guide design, construction, transportation, installation and removal of offshore structures, related to petroleum and natural gas industry activity in arctic and cold regions.

This podcast was recorded on Sept. 16, 2010.

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