Dr. Travis Rector: images of unseen phenomena part 2

2008-03-06 by

In this podcast, follow along as Dr. Rector as he discusses specific images located on his Web site at http://aftar.uaa.alaska.edu. Listen as he describes specific techniques used on various images on his site.

This is the second part of a two-part podcast.

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Dr. Travis Rector: images of unseen phenomena part 1

2008-03-05 by

The UAA Office of Advancement recently spent an hour with Dr. Travis Rector, an astronomer and professor at UAA, discussing the fascinating work of creating images of things the human eye can not detect. Dr. Rector’s work involves imaging super novas, galaxies and other celestial phenomena. Rector discusses his work and processes in this first podcast.

Visit Rector’s Web site at http://aftar.uaa.alaska.edu to view his imaging work and for additional information.

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Cabin Fever Debates 2008 final preliminary round

2008-03-01 by

UAA’s intramural debating tournament, the Cabin Fever Debates, continues with its final preliminary round. Debaters address the motion, “Torture is a legitimate tool in the War on Terror.”

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