KRUA: Student Storyboard 9-26-2014 -- USUAA Stacey Lucason and Jolaine Polak

2014-10-07 by

This is Student Storyboard for September 26, 2014, a volunteer program on KRUA 88.1 FM. Host is Kathleen McCoy, and guests are USUAA’s executive leadership team, president Stacey Lucason and vice president Jolaine Polak. Topics include the launch of the new year, opening of the Alaska Airlines Center Center, fees and tuition discussion, and more viewpoints on a smoke-free campus.

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KRUA's Student Storyboard: Smoke-free campus leaders

2014-09-23 by

Catch up with the energy behind creating a smoke-free campus at UAA. That would be students Yesenia Camarena and Valeria Delgado, who testified before the UA Board of Regents and got the measure on the USUAA ballot last spring, where it passed.

This was recorded on Sept. 19, 2014 at KRUA 81.1FM.

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Public Policy Debate: "UAA Should be a Smoke-Free Campus"

2014-03-17 by

Recorded February 20, 2014.

Featuring the award-winning UAA Speech and Debate Team, a faculty response panel, and a facilitated discussion. This event is part of a series of debates and discussions sponsored by the UAA Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence since 2003 to offer the Anchorage community access to university resources as a basis for discussions of policies and issues affecting their future.

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