Alan Boraas: Fish, Family, Freedom and Sacred Water, The Salmon Cultures of Bristol Bay

2013-05-17 by

Dr. Alan Boraas delivered this talk at the UAA Fine Arts Building in Room 150 on April 10, 2013.

This event was sponsored by the UAA Anthropology Club and by the National Parks Conservation Foundation.

This event was podcast on April 10. 2013.

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UAA Anthropology Club
National Parks Conservation Association
Dr. Alan Boraas
Academic bio, UAA Website

2009 Sophist Salmon Debate

2009-04-09 by

The College of Business and Public Policy Seminar Committee presents the “Sophist Salmon” Debate. “This house resolves that the U.S. system is poorly equipped to face the current crisis.”

Returning champions are Dr. Gunnar Knapp and Dr. Steve Colt from the Institute of Economic and Social Research (ISER). They will be challenged by Dr. Frank Jeffries and Dr. Rashmi Prasad. UAA Professor Emeritus Dr. Omer Carey will be on hand to serve as the official coin tosser, deciding which position each team will have to argue. The winner will be decided by audience vote. Please join us and see what will happen when economists and behaviorists square off.

This podcast was recorded April 3, 2009.

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