Political cartoonist Peter Dunlap-Shohl explains how limits enhance creativity

2009-03-19 by

Having left his job of more than 25 years as an editorial cartoonist for the Anchorage Daily News due to his Parkinson’s Disease and the fast-deteriorating newspaper business, Dunlap-Shohl described his personal journey from behaving like a 19th century artist with pen and ink, catapulting forward to a 21st century artist using software programs like Photoshop and Flash to make his storytelling colorful and active. Listeners can see most of the same cartoons, animations and films he showed during his talk by logging onto his blog, the Frozen Grin, specifically the post titled “Exiled from my comfort zone.” (See link below).

This craft talk was recorded on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

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Frozen Grin
Read along and view the artwork Peter describes while you listen.