Cabin Fever Debates, Final Round

2013-03-14 by

Recorded March 7th, 2013. Final Debate of this year’s Cabin Fever intramural debate tournament. Motion for debate: “This house would abolish tax exempt status for churches.”

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Cabin Fever Debates, Semi Finals

2013-03-14 by

Recorded March 5th 2013.
Four teams debate for the last two seats at the final. Motion for debate: “University of Alaska Anchorage should limit online courses to students who have a legitimate geographic barrier that prevents them from attending traditional classroom courses.”

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Cabin Fever Debates, Semi Finals

2013-03-14 by News, Sports, and Art

Recorded March 5th, 2013.
Four teams debate for two spots in the finals. Motion for debate: to “hold the state of Alaska accountable for failure to enact a climate recovery plan.”

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Cabin Fever Debates, Seawolf Debate Team Demonstration

2013-02-01 by

Recording of a demonstration debate held by the Seawolf Debate team. Followed by a Q&A session covering debate strategies as well as speech tactics.

This event was recorded Jan. 29, 2013.

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Cabin Fever Debates

7th Annual Cabin Fever Debates, Championship Round 2012

2012-03-12 by

In the Championship Round for the 7th annual Cabin Fever Debates, four teams of two argued this motion: Following the model of Portugal, the U.S. should decriminalize the use of recreational drugs. CFD winners are announced at the end of the debate, at about 61 minutes into the recording.

Competitors were:
Opening Proposition: (The A Team) Adrian Schnyder and Aurora Dordan
Opening Opposition: (Team Alaska: World Police) Tim Treuer and Erik Woebler
Closing Proposition: (Ghost Riding the Whip) Hannah Coe and Andrew McConnell
Closing Opposition: (Meh) Quoc Dong and Jaron Saturnino

Team Alaska: World Police, were adjudicated the winners of the debate. The team included Tim Treuer and Erik Woebler. Best Speaker was awarded to Jaron Saturnino of team Meh.

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