Amazing Stories sampler: Senior Reba West, graduating May 2013 with her degree in English

2013-03-18 by

The Amazing Stories booth was at the University Center in February, and we gathered the stories of a number of students who came by the booth to chat.

Reba West is friendly and curious, and came right up to tell her story. As both a full time student and a student worker, she’s learned a few tricks about how to balance academics and a job, and how to approach each day with a positive attitude.

This is one in a series of interviews with amazing students at UAA.
Watch for more.

Download MP3 (6:33min, 3MB)

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Amazing Stories sampler: Victor Perez, Alejandra Buitrago-USUAA President

2013-02-23 by

UAA has introduced a new campaign called “amazing stories being written every day.” In this four minute podcast, meet two students and their unique stories. Find out about Victor, who landed in Alaska in 2009 speaking no English. Also, find out the career USUAA President Alejandra B. hopes to follow after graduation.

Download MP3 (4:52min, 2MB)

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