Terra Nova: Scientific panel on climate change

2009-10-23 by

In conjunction with the fall 2009 production of ‘Terra Nova,’ the UAA Dept. of Theatre & Dance hosted a symposium on climate change in the Arctic. Panelists included UAA faculty Dr. Lillian Alessa, Dr. Birgit Hagedorn, and Dr. Jeff Welker. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Kerry Feldman.

This podcast was recorded on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009.

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Terra Nova
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Terra Nova: A conversation with director Tom Skore

2009-10-23 by News, Sports, and Art

UAA’s Dept. of Theatre & Dance produced ‘Terra Nova’ in October 2009, dedicated to science and the opening of UAA’s new ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building.

Director Tom Skore explains why he chose this drama, inspired by a 1981 article by Northrop Frye, titled “Where Metaphors and Equations Meet: a Convergence of the Arts and Sciences.” He is speaking with Kathleen McCoy from University Advancement.

This podcast was recorded on Oct. 20, 2009.

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