Evolution of telecommunications in Alaska, final panel

2011-06-16 by

As a part of its 50th anniversary as a research institute in Alaska, ISER organized a day-long gathering of government, industry and citizens to consider the history of telecommunications in the state, and to ask the important questions about where does Alaska go next.

In this podcast, ISER director Heather Hudson introduces the last panel of the day, inviting many stakeholders to come to the table for discussion. Their closing thoughts are here, focusing on developing a viable plan for mapping and delivering broadband to the state, and the ways to accomplish that goal.

Additional recordings of the days panels may become available at the ISER website listed below.

6:15 Rich Greenfield, explaining www.connectak.org
7:25 Prof. William Melody, the pressure to get a plan
11:23 Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel, the pressure to get a plan
13:45 Valerie Oliver, Alaska E-Rate coordinator, what local plans look like
16:12 Robbie Graham, Commissioner’s Office, Dept. of Commerce and Economic Development invitation to June 28, 11 a.m. state task force meeting at Dena’ina Center
19:08 Steve Lindbeck of APTI, Legislature is listening and interested
20:45 Heather Hudson, Need to hear from consumers and small business
23:18 U of North Dakota professor Dave Whalen, on Argentina broadband success
25:30 Comment from Sen. Mark Begich representative
27:10 Theda Pittman on Alaska redistricting

This podcast was recorded on June 13, 2011.

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