Curious about UAA's Seawolf Debate? Meet Amy Parrent, representing UAA at the UAA-Harvard Debate April 25

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The UAA-Harvard Debate scheduled for April 25 at 8 p.m. at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub, pits two top-flight university debate teams over this motion: “This House Would Repeal the Second Amendment.” UAA will propose, or argue for the repeal of the Second Amendment; Harvard will defend the status quo.

This short interview with Amy Parrent is a window into a student’s perspective of being on the Seawolf Debate team. From Sitka, Amy debated four years in high school, and joined the UAA team as a freshman.

“Steve” in the interview is Steve Johnson, director of the UAA Seawolf Debate Program and debate coach. The interview is by Kathleen McCoy, UAA Advancement

She describes the skill set she has developed through debate, offers a window into preparation, and acknowledges that even after eight years as a debater, she still masters a case of butterflies before each event.

This interview was recorded April 18, 2013.

Download MP3 (30:13min, 14MB)

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Seawolf Debate and public discussion: 'Should the State of Alaska lower taxes on the oil industry to encourage new exploration and development in the state?

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The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) and the UAA/APU Difficult Dialogues Initiative sponsored this public event, a debate by the Seawolf Debate team, comment from faculty and a public discussion over the question:

“Should the State of Alaska lower taxes on the oil industry to encourage new exploration and development in the state?”

Arguing for the proposition were Andrew Kerofsky and Matt Fox.
Arguing in opposition were Wiley Cason and Brittany Bennett.

Members of the faculty making comment included economists Matt Berman and Mouhsine Guettabi from the Institute of Social and Economic Research; Willie Hensley, a visiting distinguished professor with the College of Business and Public Policy; and Mike Doogan, former journalist, legislator and current Atwood Chair with the UAA Department of Journalism and Public Communication.

An audience of about 100 people attended this debate and discussion, including many Alaskans with deep knowledge of the state’s history and oil development background.

This event was recorded in Library Room 307 on Feb. 28, 2013.

Download MP3 (116:14min, 53MB)

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UAA Seawolf Debate Program argues both sides of 'The State of Alaska should restrict the size of sugary drinks to curb obesity'

2012-11-08 by

Note to listeners: This recording is flawed by extra sound artifacts due to setting issues with the recording device. However, the debate is easy to hear and understand. Set your volume control low to begin as the recording is somewhat loud

The UAA Seawolf Debate Program offered an exhibition debate on this proposition. The two teams of two each were introduced here by debate coach Steve Johnson.

Supporting the proposition on the side of the government were Andrew Kerosky and Jon Stinson.

Opposing the proposition were Matt Ostrander and Matt Stinson.

The faculty members who responded after the debate were Liz Snyder, public health; Virgene Hanna, ISER; Stephanie Bauer, philosophy; Paul Johnson, economics.

Members of the audience commented and posed questions after the faculty spoke.

This podcast was recorded Nov. 8, 2012.

Download MP3 (112:34min, 52MB)

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Seawolf Debater and UAA Truman Scholar Brett Frazer on Debate

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In a short, pre-UAA Stanford Debate interview, Brett Frazer shares detail on how debate has shaped him and how the critical thinking in debate might elevate our troubled public discourse. He also tells his inspiring story of returning to college after dropping out his freshman year. Please use the time guidelines to find the specific parts of this 20-minute interview that interest you. Kathleen McCoy is the interviewer and this podcast was recorded a few hours before the UAA Stanford Debate on March 29, 2012.


2:21 What does a Truman Scholar do?
3:15 Frazer began debate with Cabin Fever Intramurals
5:00 Globetrotting for debate
5:32 How debate challenged his convictions
6:32 How debate could improve civic discourse
10:32 How do you prepare for a debate?
12:30 Do you get butterflies before a debate?
13:40 Debate is not about winning or losing; it’s about being enlightened and learning more
15:45 Overcoming obstacles: Frazer was a college drop-out
20:15 What it feels like to get stumped in a debate
21:44 Frazer’s personal approach to debate: master strategy

Lastly, here is a quote from Frazer on how debate “makes you walk in the other guy’s shoes.”

“I have been forced to argue against my personal convictions. And one of the things that has done for me is make me realize there are reasonable people who will disagree with you. When someone disagrees with you, that’s not because they are less intelligent or categorically wrong; they value certain things more than you do. You can disagree with someone and still respect their intelligence and respect their position. You can tell that person that their view is a perfectly reasonable position, it’s tenable and I understand it, but I disagree with it for these reasons. That’s a more productive conversation than the perjorative platitudes that we toss around in the political arena today.”

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2012 Cabin Fever Debates: Round One

2012-02-07 by

Launched in 2006, the intramural debate tournament at UAA, called Cabin Fever Debates, is a February tradition. In round one, two teams for the proposition and two teams for the opposition interrogated the motion: States should require drug testing for all recipients of welfare.

Opening Proposition: (Forget Me Not) Rosangelica Cuautli & Carolyn Layne
Opening Opposition: (Snap Judgment) Emily Kroeker & AJ Robinson (WINNER)
Closing Proposition: (CougNation) Nathanael Jenkins & Paloma Field
Closing Opposition: (Mikey & The Brain) Michael James & Jade Devens

This podcast was recorded Feb. 7, 2012.

Download MP3 (57:02min, 52MB)

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