MacArthur Genius Grant Fellow Melody Swartz on 'Immunoengineering: A New Approach to Cancer Research and Beyond'

2014-08-27 by News, Sports, and Art

Melody Swartz, Ph.D. is a swartz closeup2012 MacArthur “Genius Grant” Fellow and currently a professor at the University of Chicago Institute of Molecular Engineering.

Dr. Swartz’s research focuses on how lymphatic vessels, and their transport functions, contribute to adaptive immunity. Biomedical scientists currently regard the fluid-drainage function of the lymphatic system as mostly important for maintaining tissue fluid balance. The cell transport functions, which regulate immunity, are considered separately. She is trying to build a new picture of the lymphatic function—namely, that not only are fluid and cell transport functions of the lymphatic vessels strongly coupled, but that the fluid transport functions are very important in regulating immune responses. Swartz’s team also is trying to target lymphatic vessels for improved cancer immunotherapy because this is one aspect of the tumor microenvironment that seems to contribute to therapeutic failure.

She has received many honors including being awarded a Career Award from the National Science Foundation, an Arnold and Mabel Beckman Young Investigator Award, and the Wenner Prize—Switzerland’s largest prize for cancer research. Other recognition includes being named one of Popular Science Magazine’s “Brilliant 10” in 2006. Dr. Swartz also is an elected fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, and a two-time recipient of prestigious $3 million single-investigator grants from the European Research Foundation.

In 2003 Dr. Swartz joined the faculty of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and was a professor in the Institute of Bioengineering and the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research until 2014 when she moved to take a professorship at the University of Chicago in the Institute of Molecular Engineering. Her prior affiliations include Northwestern University (1999–2006), and her scientific articles have appeared in Science, Nature, Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, and PNAS.

Melody Swartz received a B.S. (1991) from Johns Hopkins University in chemical engineering. As a Watson Foundation Fellow she then conducted a year of independent research in Micronesia on the “Use and Societal Impact of Western Technologies in Undeveloped Nations.” She earned a Ph.D. (1998) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Philosopher Roger Ames on 'Confucian Role Ethics'

2014-03-31 by

Roger Ames, professor of philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, was the keynote speaker at the Ninth Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference held at UAA March 27-29, 2014. The conference was called “Living Ethically in the Global World.” The conference also marked the UAA Ethics Center’s Inaugural Convocation.

Professor Ames argues that relationships are universal and therefore provide an accessible, cross-cultural basis for making ethical determinations. Professor Ames is introduced here by Kristin Helweg-Hanson, professor of philosophy at UAA..

This keynote address was held in conjunction with the Undergraduate Research and Discovery Symposium. The podcast was recorded Friday, March 28, 2014.

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'Telling Amy's Story' film viewing and community discussion

2012-04-03 by News, Sports, and Art

Telling Amy’s Story is the powerful national PBS documentary program about the domestic violence homicide of Amy Homan McGee on November 8, 2011, at the hands of her husband Vincent. The documentary, which was funded by the Verizon Foundation, is introduced by Mariska Hargitay, who plays Det. Olivia Benson on “Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit,” and is narrated by Det. Deirdre Fishel of the State College (Pa.) Police Department.

This event, part of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Awareness Month, is sponsored by UAA, the UAA Justice Center and the Verizon Foundation.

This podcast was recorded on April 3, 2012.

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Poet Anne Coray reads from her latest work, 'Violet Transparent'

2010-12-15 by

Anne Coray is author of several collections of poetry including ‘Bone Strings,’ and is the co-editor of the anthology ‘Crosscurrents North: Alaskans on the Environment.’ She is founder of Northshore Press, a small literary publishing house in rural Alaska, and has published authors from around the nation and Alaska. In 2010, she was a recipient of the Contributions to Literacy in Alaska Awards (CLIA). She read with her husband, Steve Kahn, and mentions his talk following hers.

This podcast was recorded Oct. 13, 2010 at the UAA Campus Bookstore.

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UAA hosts a panel discussion on domestic violence in Alaska

2010-04-30 by News, Sports, and Art

Panelists include: Sgt. Michael Beckner, UPD, Melissa Emma, Program Director for Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis, Inc., Prof. Randy Magen, Professor and coordinator of MSW program at UAA, Pamela Scott Washington, assistant Municipal Prosecutor in the only designated Domestic Violence Unit in the state and UAA Justice Center Assistant Professor Marny Rivera. Judge Karen Hunt moderated.

This event sponsored by UAA Against Domestic Violence. This podcast was recorded on April 7, 2010.

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