Polaris Lecture: 'The Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln: A Reappraisal' presented by Forrest Nabors

2012-02-12 by

UAA professor Forrest A. Nabors presents the annual Lincoln Day Polaris Lecure, “The Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln: A Reappraisal.” The Polaris Lecture Series is sponsored by the Forty-Ninth State Fellows Program, University Honors Society and the Polaris Society.

Few Americans exceed Abraham Lincoln in popular esteem. But how great was he? In commemoration of Lincoln’s birthday, Professor Nabors will explain why Lincoln achieved even more for liberty than is generally understood.

Professor Nabors joined the political science faculty at UAA in Aug. 2011. He taught American government and political philosophy at Oregon State University and at University of Oregon, where he also completed his doctorate in 2011. He currently is writing a book about American political development through post-Civil War Reconstruction.

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 12, 2012.

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Polaris lecture series: Lincoln and the enduring American Frontier

2009-03-12 by

Wilfred McClay, professor of history at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, delivered the Polaris Lecture: Lincoln and the Enduring American Frontier.

The Polaris Lecture Series is named for the North Star on Alaska’s flag and addresses a wide range of subjects in the liberal arts. The 2008-2009 program features 11 lectures open to students, faculty and the public.

This lecture was recorded on Friday, Feb. 13, 2009.

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