KRUA: Student Storyboard 10-10-14 UAA Glee Club

2014-10-11 by News, Sports, and Art

Today’s guests on Student Storyboard are a dozen members from the UAA Glee Club. They include Lailani Cook, Hazel De Los Santos, Monica Repuya, Ana Rodriguez, Krisse Steinman, Joseph Adams, Chris Hawk, Sammy Alex, jean Sacdain, Chris Peters, AJ Colding.

Student Storyboard always features students and their work, ambitions and projects. It airs on KRUA Fridays 11 am-noon and repeats Mondays at 5 pm during the fall 2014 semester. Volunteer DJ Kathleen McCoy hosts the show.

This program was recorded in the studios of KRUA 88.1 FM The Edge on Friday, Oct. 10, 2014.

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KRUA's Student Storyboard: Smoke-free campus leaders

2014-09-23 by

Catch up with the energy behind creating a smoke-free campus at UAA. That would be students Yesenia Camarena and Valeria Delgado, who testified before the UA Board of Regents and got the measure on the USUAA ballot last spring, where it passed.

This was recorded on Sept. 19, 2014 at KRUA 81.1FM.

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