Fall 2010 Risk Assessment Seminar: summary discussion

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This seminar series was titled ‘Defining Risk in Arctic Coastal and Offshore Resource Development: Perspectives and International Standards.’ In this final session 10, participants answered two questions:

What have you learned in the seminar?
Where should we go from here?

Participants in Anchorage included: Sharman Haley, ISER; Adele Fetter, ADEC; Sheila Selkregg, CBPP professor; Mandy Kamph, graduate student in project management; Mike Haller, BOEMRE; John Goll, BOEMRE; Irling Westlien, Shell. Participants in Fairbanks included Hajo Eiken, UAF; Andrew Metzger, UAF; Matt Druckenmiller, Ph.D student in geophysics.

This podcast was recorded in LIB 307 on Dec. 9, 2010.

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Risk in Arctic coastal and offshore resource development

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The purpose of this Fall 2010 seminar series, hosted by UA North by 2020, featured a talk by Elke Weber. The series explores overarching concepts of assessment and mitigation of risks applied in different settings relevant for natural resource development. Potential questions addressed by speakers and in the discussion include:

  • How can risk be evaluated and integrated into decision making?

  • What can be learned about potential biases from cognition and decision science?

  • What different paradigms or measures of risk are employed by different institutions?

  • How can the decision process integrate different perceptions or understanding of risk by different stakeholders?

Elke Weber, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University: Understanding, communicating, and managing risks across stakeholders and cultures.

This podcast was recorded on Oct. 22, 2010.

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