Alaska and the world economic crisis

2009-03-17 by News, Sports, and Art

A panel of experts place Alaska in context with the world economic crisis today. The panel includes:

  • Jeff Pantages, Chief Financial Investment Officer, Alaska Permanent Capital Management, discussing “An Overview of the World Economic Crisis.”
  • David Lawer, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, First National Bank of Alaska, discussing “How the banking industry became part of the crisis.”
  • Scott Goldsmith, Ph.D, UAA’s Institute of Social and Economic Research, discussing the “Ramificaions of the World Economic Crisis for Alaska.”

This program was presented by UAA and Ole! (Opportunities for Lifelong Education). Podcast recorded 01.23.2009.

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Experts discuss future of Alaska Permanent Fund

2009-02-07 by

Is the 30-year-old structure still the best one to carry the state forward? Those taking up this question on Feb. 3 include: Clark Gruening, Arliss Sturgulewski, Charles Wohlforth, Steve Frank, Scott Goldsmith and Fran Ulmer.

Now, 30 years after those decisions were made, Alaska and the challenges she faces have evolved. Are we still well served by the Permanent Fund’s institutional set-up and the intentions of its founders? What changes, if any, would help us meet current and future needs?

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 3, 2009.

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UAA's Scott Goldsmith on the Alaska economy

2008-12-19 by

What drives Alaska’s economy? Scott Goldsmith, an economist with the Institute of Social and Economic Research, discusses sources of jobs for Alaskans. How much does oil matter? How about the federal government? This study is part of a new ISER initiative called Investing for Alaska’s Future, underwritten by a grant from Northrim Bank in partnership with the University of Alaska Foundation.

This podcast was recorded on December 4, 2008.

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Institute of Social and Economic Research
Summary: What drives Alaska's economy?