Dr. Patricia Kuhl on 'How Infants Crack the Speech Code'

2010-08-24 by News, Sports, and Art

Dr. Patricia Kuhl is one of the world’s preeminent researchers on early language and brain development. Research shows that infants use computation to ‘crack the speech code,’ but that social interaction also plays a critical role. ‘Motherese,’ the exaggerated, high-pitched speech we use to speak to babies, is used in virtually every language studied.

These precursors to language in typically developing infants are leading to the identification of children at risk for developmental disabilities involving language, such as autism. Soon, the techniques of modern neuroscience will play an ever-increasing role in our understanding of the interaction between biology and culture in human learning.

This public event was sponsored by the Honors College and was recorded on Aug. 23, 2010.

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