Melanie Mitchell and Complexity, a guided tour

2011-10-21 by

Melanie Mitchell is professor of Computer Science at Portland State University and external professor and member of the Science Board at the Santa Fe Institute. She is the author or editor of five books and over 70 scholarly papers in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive science and complex systems.

Her most recent book, “Complexity: A Guided Tour” is the winner of the 2010 Phi Beta Kappa Science Book Award, and was named by as one of the 10 best science books of 2009.

This podcast was recorded Oct. 20, 2011.

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Melanie Mitchell
Portland State University, bio website
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Complex Systems offers talk by Dr. Songho Ha entitled 'The American System as a Cultural System'

2010-03-25 by News, Sports, and Art

Dr. Songho Ha analyzes a less studied aspect of the American System—namely its cultural policies—by analyzing the various attempts of the federal government to establish national institutions of higher learning and to promote arts between 1789 and 1837. He argues that the idea of the American System originated at least from the time of George Washington’s administration and its contents had been continuously refined, although the term was officially inaugurated into the political lexicon only in 1824 when Henry Clay introduced the term in his Congressional speech supporting the Protective Tariff Act of 1824.

Dr. Ha is an Assistant Professor in UAA’s Department of History and recently published a book entitled The Rise and Fall of the American System: Nationalism and the Development of the American Economy, 1790-1837. Perhaps you read about it in the column written by John Havelock in Sunday’s Anchorage Daily News.

This podcast was recorded on March 19, 2010.

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'Using scenarios to explore Arctic navigation' presented by Dr. Lawson Brigham

2010-03-04 by

The UAA Complex Systems Group offered this talk by Dr. Lawson Brigham, a senior fellow at the Institute of the North in Anchorage, institute associate at the Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge, UK), former chair and co-lead for the Arctic Council’s Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA), and recently appointed UAF faculty member.

The seminar focused on the process of identifying the two key uncertainties and the significant wild card factors that might heavily influence and add considerable uncertainty to the future of Arctic marine navigation. Using scenarios within AMSA was one of the keys to developing future directions the Arctic states could pursue to build effective and appropriate governance of the global industries operating in the Arctic Ocean. The use of scenario thinking applied to this complex topic also provided significant insight in to how the maritime Arctic is linked to the entire planet in unforeseen ways.

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 5, 2010.

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For More Information:

Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment
AMSA 2009 Report
Dr. Brigham drew from this report for his talk.

"Biocomplexity in the High Arctic" presented by Jeff Welker

2010-02-24 by

The UAA Complex Systems Group presents “Biocomplexity in the High Arctic” with Dr. Jeff Welker, Director of UAA’s Environmental and Natural Resources Institute (ENRI).

Biocomplexity in the Arctic is a research program funded by the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs, which is intended to build an understanding of the linearity, interactions and emergent properties of terrestrial ecosystems in the high latitudes with a focus on biological, physical, and chemical dynamics. Dr. Welker’s presentation will highlight the development of this program and the research findings from a set of field studies in northwest Greenland.

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 12, 2010.

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Dr. Leigh McCue's presents: Understanding chaotic vessel motions, or, getting the fish in the boat while keeping your feet dry

2010-02-10 by News, Sports, and Art

Dr. McCue is an assistant professor in Virginia Tech’s Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering and an affiliate to both the Virginia Tech’s Department of Engineering Education and the Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems (VaCAS). Her research interests are in nonlinear and chaotic vessel dynamics including capsize, parametric rolling and sea-based aviation operations largely involving analytical and numerical approaches including computational fluid dynamics. This work has been supported by ONR, NSF, CSC and QinetiQ.

This seminar is sponsored by the UAA Complex Systems Group. This podcast was recorded on Jan. 22, 2010.

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