Seawolf Debate: 'UAA should prioritize workforce development over a liberal arts education'

2015-11-20 by News, Sports, and Art

Recorded November 12, 2015.

The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence, Difficult Dialogues Initiative and Seawolf Debate Program hosted a public debate, faculty forum and discussion: “UAA should prioritize workforce development over a liberal arts education.”

The media contains numerous reports of U.S. jobs going unfilled, or being outsourced to distant lands, because too few American workers have the requisite skills to perform them well. In Alaska, with the fiscal crisis expected to last into the foreseeable future, and with student debt rising, the pressure on students to have highly marketable skills is on the increase. More than two dozen universities in Japan are reducing or eliminating academic programs in the humanities and social sciences, following a dictum from Tokyo to focus on disciplines that “better meet society’s needs.” But don’t we need citizens capable of navigating their way through the complex social and political challenges we face, using skills and perspectives provided by a well-rounded liberal arts education? Join us for this important discussion.

Featuring the award-winning UAA Seawolf Debate Program, a faculty response panel and a facilitated public discussion.

With UAA faculty panelists:
• Dan Kline, English
• LuAnn Piccard, Engineering
• Landry Signe, Political Science
• Kyle Hampton, Economics

This event is part of a series sponsored by the UAA Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence since 2003 to offer the UAA and Anchorage communities access to university resources as a basis for discussions of policies and issues affecting its future.

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National Criminal Justice Month: Discussing the landmark case, Gideon v. Wainwright

2013-03-26 by

This podcast is an exploration of Gideon v. Wainwright, a landmark case in the U.S. Supreme Court. The court unanimously ruled that state courts are required under the 14th Amendment to provide counsel in criminal cases for defendants who are unable to afford to pay their own attorneys, extending the identical requirement made on the federal government under the 6th Amendment.

The panelists are Richard Curtner, federal public defender for the state of alaska, Nikole Nelson, executive director for Alaska Legal Services Corporation, and Michael Schwaiger, assistant public defender for the Alaska Public Defender Agency.

This event was sponsored by the UAA Justice Center as a part of its National Criminal Justice Month events. It was recorded on March 7, 2013.

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For More Information:

UAA Criminal Justice Center
Federal Public Defender for the District of Alaska
Alaska Legal Services Corporation
Alaska Public Defender Agency

From Appalachia to Alaska: Addressing the Human Health and Community Impacts of Coal Mining'

2012-09-17 by

UAA Campus Bookstore hosted this panel discussion of mountaintop removal coal mining, on what large-scale coal extraction could mean for Alaska and what can be done to address the negative social and environmental impacts of coal mining.

Guest speakers include Kirby Spangler of Castle Mountain Coalition, and other community organizers from Mountain Justice, Coal River Mountain Watch, the RAMPS Campaign and the Beehive Collective.

These organizations are all part of a diverse and sustained movement to abolish mountaintop removal coal mining in the Appalachia. Speakers will discuss the impacts of large-scale surface mining on their lives, as well as their community’s long history of organizing and resistance efforts against coal.

This event was sponsored by Castle Mountain Coalition, The Alaska Action Center and Alaska Big Village Network.

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For More Information:

Castle Mountain Coalition
Alaska Big Village Network
UAA Campus Bookstore

Justice Center, Justice Club feature federal law enforcement panel

2012-05-01 by

Representatives from federal, state, and local law enforcement made presentations to students as part of National Criminal Justice Month in March. Topics included the missions of their agencies, how agencies cooperated in Alaska, qualifications for prospective candidates, and how the experience of law enforcement differs in Alaska from other states.

This podcast covered federal law enforcement agencies. Special Agent Eric Gonzalez, Chief Counsel for the FBI; Deputy U.S. Marshal Jimmy Johnson, U.S.Marshals Service; and Group Supervisor Todd Jones, Drug Enforcement Administration.

This podcast was recorded March 29, 2012.

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For More Information:

Information website
U.S. Marshalls Office
Information website
Drug Enforcement Agency
Information website
UAA Justice Center

Professor Paul Ongtooguk's opening remarks at 'ENGAGE: Building Sustainable Communities'

2012-04-04 by

UAA’s Center for Community Engagement and Learning (CCEL) hosted a two-day workshop March 30-31, 2012 featuring facilitator Dr. Patti Clayton, a scholar with more than 10 years experience in community-engaged teaching and learning.

Judith Owens-Manley, director of CCEL, opened the workshop by introducing guest Prof. Paul Ongtooguk of the College of Education. Dr. Ongtooguk was invited to make opening remarks that would help attendees consider their unique location in Alaska. Dr. Ongtooguk emphasized the importance among Native cultures of using imagination to solve problems.

Dr. Patti Clayton follows with remarks on how community-engaged teaching and learning is shifting toward co-creation among all participants.

This event was recorded March 30, 2012.

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For More Information:

UAA Center for Community Engagement and Learning
PHC Venture
Patti Clayton's Curricular Engagement website

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