Pulitzer Prize winner David Shipler Books of the Year Keynote Address: 'Understanding poverty by connecting the dots'

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David Shipler, author of “The Working Poor: Invisible in America,” delivers the keynote address for the 2012-13 UAA/APU Books of the Year Program, which featured his book. Shipler is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow who spent one week at UAA visiting with students, faculty and the community and sharing perspectives on how to view poverty in America, based on the research he did for his book.

This podcast was recorded Sept. 27, 2012.

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David Shipler speaking at his alma mater, Dartmouth College

Author David Shipler on 'Poverty and Aging'

2012-09-26 by

This podcast features David Shipler, author of the book “The Working Poor” and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his writing.

This event was sponsored by the UAA School of Social Work and the Food Bank of Alaska. It was held at the UAA Campus Bookstore and recorded on Sept. 24, 2012.

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John Mouracade: 'Unleashing Plato's Pleasure Principle'

2012-09-26 by

In this podcast, Professor John Mouracade of UAA’s Philosophy Department, discusses Plato’s pleasure principle. This event was sponsored by the UAA Campus Bookstore and recorded on Sept. 20, 2012.

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For More Information:

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Visiting Chinese scholar Chen Deming presents the Yijing (IChing) and Chinese philosophy

2012-09-22 by

Chen Deming will attend the doctoral Chinese philosophy program at Renmin University, Beijing this fall. Mr. Chen served as a summer teaching intern for Dr. Kristin Helweg Hanson as she developed a Fall 2012 advanced philosophy seminar on Kongzi (Confucius). Mr. Chen’s visit is sponsored by the UAA Philosophy Department.

This talk was sponsored by the UAA Campus Bookstore and recorded on Aug. 8, 2012.

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For More Information:

Kristin Helweg Hanson
Bio page, UAA Department of Philosophy
UAA Campus Bookstore

Constitution Week 2012: Should Alaskans vote to have a new constitutional convention?

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Rep. Sharon Cissna and the UAA student government organized a public forum on the U.S. and the Alaska constitutions in honor of Constitution Week 2012. The teleconference included audiences in Homer and Anchorage. On Nov. 6, Alaskans will be asked to decide if they want another constitutional convention.

In Anchorage, John Havelock, former Alaska attorney general and University of Alaska professor, made opening remarks. Havelock is the author of a new book, “Let’s Get It Right,” laying out the challenges and opportunities of a new constitutional convention.

In addition to Havelock’s remarks, UAA political science instructor Guy Burnett made remarks on the U.S. Constitution. UAA professor Forrest Nabors joined the discussion on the troublesome and broad political divide in the American public. Audience members asked questions about the Alaska and federal constitutions, and the need for a constitutional convention in Alaska.

Cissna welcomed the audience. The pocast opens with Havelock’s remarks. Other key time points include:

12:37 Guy Burnett on the U.S. Constitution
38:10 Forrest Nabors on political divide in the country
45:30 Havelock on why Alaska should have a constitutional convention
47:32 Havelock on concern over a convention leading to elected judges in the state
48:39 Havelock on Bob Bartlett’s warning during the first convention to be concerned about a takeover by multinational corporations of the state’s natural resources.

This podcast was recorded Sept. 20, 2012.

Download MP3 (51:59min, 24MB)

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