LitSite Alaska featured on CHON-FM in Whitehorse, Yukon

2008-08-29 by

LitSite is bringing Native language and stories to life using IBM cutting-edge speech technology. Over 1,000 pages of text have been enhanced with audio files, using IBM WebSphere Voice Server text-to-speech software. These audio files even include uncommon pronunciations of Alaska Native names and words such as KwaashKiKwaan, Tlingit and Inupiaq.

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LitSite Alaska

2008 Faculty and Staff Convocation

2008-08-21 by

Chancellor Fran Ulmer speaks on progress at UAA in the 2007-2008 year and ways UAA is looking toward the future in 2008-2009. Click link below to download a 2-page PDF with facts and figures on the accomplishments and future planning at UAA.

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PDF with facts and figures on the progress and planning at UAA
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Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference panel: “What Is This Thing Called Voice?”

2008-08-06 by

UAA Provost Michael Driscoll introduces the panel titled, “What is This Thing Called Voice?” moderated by John Straley. The panel includes: Elizabeth Bradfield, Gayle Brandeis, David Crouse and Nora Marks Dauenhauer. Panelists discuss “voice” in writing and strategies for finding one’s own. (Recorded on June 7, 2008)

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Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference reading at Captain Coffee in Homer, Alaska

2008-08-06 by

Public reading at Captain Coffee including Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference faculty David Crouse, Michael Steinberg, Eva Saulitis, Rich Chiappone and Elizabeth Bradfield. (Recorded on June 8, 2008)

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Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference: “Publishing Books in the Digital Age: Why Books?”

2008-08-06 by

Are there still reasons to publish ink and paper books? Rich Chiappone moderates this panel where writers, editors, agents and publishers discuss the possibilities of publishing in the digital age. Panelists include Elizabeth Bradfield, David Gessner, Jeff Kleinman, Judith Schnell and Michael Steinberg. (Recorded on June 8, 2008)

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